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    Optoelectronic Products Packaging Materials

    1、Transparent epoxy material cured at room temperature

    Main uses:

    Encapsulation of electronic and electric components.

    Crystal 3D decoration of hard (metal, hard plastic) trademarks and nameplates.

    Solvent-free transparent coatings.

    Main features:

    No organic solvent, low odor, low toxicity, and safe for use.   

    Low viscosity, natural discharge of bubbles, and simple to use.

    Curies at room temperature, high curing speed, and good bonding strength.

    Hard, transparent cured substance with light color, high gloss, and no whitening.     

    2、Elastic, transparent encapsulating material cured at room temperature      

    Main uses:          

    Encapsulation of heterogeneous, soft materials with obvious different thermal expansion coefficients.

    Encapsulation of electronic and electric components that need light permeability.

    Large surface area, decorative and protective layers.         

    Main features:

    Low viscosity, good performance, cures at room temperature, and convenient to use.

    No toxicity, low irritation, safe, and harmless to workers

    Low exothermic curing temperature and long service life.

    Transparent cured substance with light color and glossy surface.

    Maintains good properties of epoxy system and has certain elasticity.       

    3、Encapsulating material for Nixie tubes   

    Main uses:

    Damp-proof, insulated encapsulation for Nixie tubes.

    Main features:

    Low mixing viscosity and good de-foaming performance.

    Long service life at normal temperature and high curing speed at moderate temperatures

    Excellent mechanical and electrical properties after curing and small shrink rate.

    High light permeability of cured substance.

    4、Encapsulating material for LEDs

    Main uses:

    Damp-proof and insulated encapsulation of LEDs.

    Cures quickly and cured substance has high transparency, desirable toughness, and good electrical insulating properties, is heat resistant and thermal-state stain resistant.

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