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    QHSE Management


    The China Bluestar Changsha Design and Research Institute’s management principles for quality, health, safety and the environment are in accordance with GB/T19001-2008, GB/T28001-2011, and GB/T24001-2004 standards, as follows:

    Developing top projects and providing quality services.

    Guaranteeing safety and the environment for winning development.


    To ensure the implementation of QHSE principles and follow QHSE management principles, the institute’s QHSE mid-to-long-term management goals are:

    1. Make sure that all engineering projects and services adhere to contract stipulations and laws and regulations and that construction and engineering projects are safe, reliable, technologically advanced, economical, reasonable, and meet the client’s needs or even exceed them.

    2. Strictly abide by the contacts, and provide a full range of services. The general contractor will be in charge of the engineering and construction projects, with help from survey and design units, for complete compliance with the project design and to meet client needs.

    3. Comply with national, local, and industrial laws, regulations, and standards for environmental and occupational protection and comply with regional requirements whenever the institute and its projects are involved;

    4. Control processes strictly, complete the work at all posts and continue the improvement process to maintain quality and improve product quality;

    5. Strictly monitor major environmental and occupational health and safety risks in various regions and in the institute’s production and management to avoid environmental or other accidents.

    6. Increase infrastructure work and technology to improve QHSE management and the technology level to improve training, increase quality, environmental, and safety awareness and continue to improve QHSE management and performance.

    Our commitment

    The China Bluestar Changsha Design and Research Institute has the following commitments to all clients, employees, and society:

    — Abide by the laws and regulations of countries or regions and respect local custom and practices.

    — Cherish our natural resources and keep a close watch on environmental protection.

    — Guarantee occupational health and safety by controlling risks.

    — Use advanced technology to produce quality products and services for clients and to handle engineering projects that are up to standards and at the highest level.

    — Honor all contracts to meet client needs and try to exceed clients’ expectations.

    — Work for the joint benefit of all parties involved for a winning situation and social progress.

    — Apply a people-first concept for a united, enterprising and harmonious corporate culture

    — Grow with the times and keep on improving quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental controls to build an efficient, economical, responsible enterprise and constantly improve management and performance.

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