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    The Institute Gains its another First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award


        The National Science and Technology Award Conference was held on Jan 10 at the Great Hall of the People.  During the conference, the 1.2Mtpa potassium sulphate packaged technology at Lop Nor salt lake developed by the Institute by joining hands with SDIC  Luobupo Potash Co won the first prize at the national scientific progress awards. Liu Xiaoli, the vice president and chief engineer of the Institute, attended the grand prize-awarding ceremony in Great Hall of the People. The award was another breakthrough by the Institute after its sylvite resources development and utilization project at Lop Nor won first place in the national scientific progress awards in 2005.

        A total of 10 science and technology experts and 313 achievements were awarded with prize in this conference, including 2 National Top Scientific and Technological Awards, 54 National Natural Science Awards with 1 first prize and 53 second prize, 71 National Technology Invention Awards with 2 first prize and 69 second prize, 188 National Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, 3 top prizes, 24 first prizes and 161 second prizes. The Institute was awarded the first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award for its Technology Package development for Lop Nor 1.2Mtpa Potassium Sulfate project. Many famous large-scale domestic media, i.e., Xinhua News agency, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Chemical Industry News reported the Institute’s award-winning.

        Advancing the domestic potassium sulphate industrial technology level, the Lop Nor technologic package is of great significance to accelerate crop quality development and protect national food security. To develop the Lop Nor technologic package, the Institute fully cooperated with SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo Potash Co to carry out two national “tenth Five-Year Plan”  Key Technologies R & D Programs--- potassium sulphate process technology utilizing Lop Nor potassium-containing magnesium sulphate subtype brine, and 20ktpa potassium sulphate industrial trial by Lop Nor potassium-contained magnesium sulphate subtype brine, which achieved new process technology to produce potassium sulphate, and developed engineering technology for brine mining, salt pan mineral collection and key transportation and processing equipment, solving problems in the massive mining and processing of the potash resources at Lop Nor. The building of the world’s largest potassium sulphate production unit in the west of the Lop Nor hinterland realizes the upgrading of the state potassium sulphate industrial technology.

    Certificate for the award

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